Peaks For Parkinson’s Has Begun

At the Southern Terminus

Day 1:

Today I began my long walk north to Canada. Hiking these first miles through the forest has already heightened my senses and triggered waves of emotion.

I hiked with intention, concentrating on each step taken,  grateful that my body is still able to carry me and all I need to survive on my back.

Thoughts turned to my hiking partners from Peak For Parkinson’s 2010, when I hiked this stretch with Dick Curran (who lives with PD) and several of his family members. They were a fun and positive group and I missed their company today.

Looking forward to some pleasant weather down here in the south while I adjust to trail life.

Happy to be in the mountains again.

Rock conveniently marking the way towards the Vermont border
Signing in at the trail register

Off I go:

Made it 10 miles to Consultation Peak.
Campsite for night 1