PD Encounters on The Trail

Yesterday, I ran into two southbound section hikers, “The Hoon” and “Vintage,” and we started talking. I mentioned why I was hiking and The Hoon quickly unbuckled his backpack buckle to show me his Parkinson‘s team cycling t-shirt.

Earlier in September he and some friends joined The New England Parkinson’s Ride which, this year, was a synchronized ride across the nation and around the globe.

He has a close friend, Stan, who lives with PD and rode a recumbent bike with the team. I believe The Hoon said their team alone raised $40,000!

This is The Hoon and Vintage.

Tonight, at Stark’s Nest, I met a young woman whose father lives with PD. We chatted for awhile before I walked down to a clearing to watch the sunset.

I met another young hiker, heading southbound, who told me he began his hike on his grandfather’s birthday and dedicated his hike to him. His grandfather had Parkinson’s.

Later, the young woman and her partner came to watch the remaining light of the day. This photo shows the silhouettes of her, her partner, and the young man.

There are three hikers sharing this mountaintop tonight whose families have been affected by PD.