Over the Hump on Hump Day!

It was a tough ten miles. I have new blisters to prove it. Today, my friends, Tim Macke (whose grandmother lived with PD) and Ram Verma, joined me for the rugged terrain over Burnt Rock Mountain, Ira and Ethan Allen mountains, AND Camel’s Hump, from the extremely steep south side.

We made it to Bamforth Ridge Shelter, even if we were hobbling along with tender feet for the last miles.

First I have to show you Tim’s sweet hammock that he used instead of a tent. He even brought the tiny prayer flags I gave him the last time he joined me on the Long Trail.

We climbed Burnt Rock Mountain. This is Tim.

And navigated Ladder Ravine.

My friend, ”Ranger Ray,“ came looking for us and found us at Montclair Glen Lodge. My congratulations to him for recently completing the New England 67–that’s all the peaks above 4,000 feet.

Tim fighting the fierce wind as he approaches Camel’s Hump summit, with Ram following.

Ram summiting the Hump.

Tim taking in the moody weather and fall colors.

Ram, just smiling. He made the climb look easy.

September on Camel’s Hump.

178.9 miles hiked.

Time for bed!