Great Days, Cold Nights

I’m now just over 140 miles—so halfway to Canada. I had some fun visitors on the trail yesterday and it was a very social day.

The past couple of days the trail led me through the Joseph Battell and Breadloaf Wilderness areas where trail maintainers aren’t allowed to use power tools, like chainsaws. All fallen trees must be cleared using crosscut saws, smaller hand saws, or hatchets. These areas are beautiful and have a wilder, natural feeling.

I’ve spent a couple of cold, windy nights stealth camping (away from shelters). Tonight I am hoping I don’t get trampled by a moose as I am not following the best backcountry camping practices! Had to set up my tent before the sun went down. It’s dangerous walking in the dark when it’s so cold, so better to stop wherever you are and be safe.

Here are a few photos of my past few days:

Fun, strong women. Three heading southbound. One north.

My old coworker and friend, Kevin Hudnell, is hiking southbound and we crossed paths. That’s not his dog—it’s Lars’ puppy.

This is Lars. He’s a super athletic person who plays soccer, basketball, hockey, ultimate frisbee, hikes, and I’m sure does much more. He lives with PD and knows the importance of exercise. We were hiking alone and chatting until we ran into...

Matt. Matt Krebs and I worked together for nine years. He took the time to come surprise me on the trail. So, Lars, Matt, and I hiked happily along until...

This friend popped out from behind a tree! My dear friend Nika Meyers and her friend, Koolaid, were visiting Nika’s home state and hiked southbound to find me. I had no idea she was in Vermont. Of note: Nika hiked the entire Long Trail in 6 days and some hours last October and set a new women‘s unsupported record. As I walk, I am astonished by her mental and physical strength. It was such a lift in spirit to see her!

Next, my new friend, Extra, pops out of the woods and joins us for lunch at the Middlebury Snowbowl. This is Extra.

More photos of my friends.

Scenes from the Wilderness areas.

Next, it’s over Mount Abraham—my favorite Peak on the Long Trail. Goodnight from the Breadloaf Wilderness!

142.2 miles done.